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در جستجوی خانه دوم

در جستجوی خانه دوم

در جستجوی خانه دوم عنوان یک کنفرانس بین المللی بود که در تاریخ سی ام آبان ماه سال 1396 برگزار شد. این کنفرانس به مناسبت هفتاد و پنمین سالگرد ورود مهاجران لهستانی به ایرانی انجام پذیرفت. این برنامه ادامه ای بود بر برنامه های گفتگوهای فرهنگی ایران و لهستان که پیش از آن در کشور لهستان برگزار شده بود.

This natural process of mutual interaction was dramatically enhanced with the appearance of some 116,000 refugees from the Soviet Union in 1942, who found safe-haven on Iranian soil during the Second World War. Without the exaggeration this was the largest European migration trough Iran. Eighty-five thousand Polish soldiers quickly left Iran for Iraq and Palestine, eventually going on to Italy. But Polish civilians stayed longer in Iran, some for a whole lifetime. Polish people were welcomed and treated with friendliness by Iranians. 
In order to discuss the multi facial aspects of the history of Iranian-Polish relationships in the case of 75th Anniversary of the Polish Exodus to Iran, the Institute of Negarestan-e Andisheh, the embassy of Republic of Poland in Iran, Faculty of Literature & Humanities  at University of Tehran, Iranian Studies Department at the university of Jagiellonian in cooperation with several others Iranian research centers and institutions decided to hold an International Conference entitled “In Quest of a Second Home”.
چاپ: 1396
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